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In 1995, the vision that Rotarians could cure Alzheimer’s was shared by

Pictured R to L, CART Founder, Rotarian Roger Ackerman, Charlene Hall, RI Director 2014-2016 Robert Hall, Deane Ackerman
Photo by Josh Herbert

two Rotarians in Sumter, SC.  Their focus: offering innovative, cutting-edge Alzheimer’s research grants. Their funding: pocket change collection at weekly Rotary meetings. Coins for Alzheimer’s Research (CART) was born.

In 1997, D-7770 took on ...

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Dr. Chuanhai Cao

What if brilliant cutting-edge Alzheimer’s research ideas had the funding needed to get off the ground?

This is the question the drives the Alzheimer’s research grants of The Coins for Alzheimer’s Research Trust (CART) Fund.

It turns out that once CART provides funding for a great idea to prove its potential, other funding sources for the next round of research are often available.

A 2014 CART grant was used by Dr...

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