Dr. Tanzi on the News and PBS Special

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  Dr. Tanzi on the News and PBS Special

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Dr. Rudy Tanzi of the Cure Alzheimer’s Fund recently appeared on news networks CBS, NBC and Fox to discuss the current state of Alzheimer’s research and the new PBS documentary “Alzheimer’s: Every Minute Counts”.

You can watch Dr. Tanzi’s appearances at the links below:

CBS This Morning

 NBC’s Today Show

Fox News Health

Dr. Tanzi also gave a presentation at a recent TEDx conference in Natick, MA. He discusses the history of Alzheimer’s research and how progress made in recent years, such as the development of stem cell models, is getting us closer to a cure. Recording artist Chris Mann joins Dr. Tanzi for a special performance of “Remember Me”, an anthem for Alzheimer’s.

Watch the TEDx talk

Cart welcomes Four Districts - Now 19 Strong

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In 1995, the vision that Rotarians could cure Alzheimer’s was shared by

Pictured R to L, CART Founder, Rotarian Roger Ackerman, Charlene Hall, RI Director 2014-2016 Robert Hall, Deane Ackerman
Photo by Josh Herbert

two Rotarians in Sumter, SC.  Their focus: offering innovative, cutting-edge Alzheimer’s research grants. Their funding: pocket change collection at weekly Rotary meetings. Coins for Alzheimer’s Research (CART) was born.

In 1997, D-7770 took on CART as a project.  Since then, additional districts have joined this simple effort to cure Alzheimer’s.

In May 2016, CART membership reached a new peak: 19 Districts.  An remarkable total of 34 grants valuing $5.8 M have been awarded through CART grants to date.

Congratulations to CART and its member Districts!  #CARTFUND #ImCuringAlz

Learn more about The Coins for Alzheimer’s Research Trust by watching  “Remembering No More: A Story of Change” https://youtu.be/UJpS091Vsso

Alzheimer's Outlook Far From Bleak

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In an interview with the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA), Drs. Rudy Tanzi and Berislav Zlokovic of the Cure Alzheimer’s Research Consortium discuss why recent drug trials produced less-than-promising results, and why they are optimistic about the future of the field. Tanzi and Zlokovic also describe how their own research on topics like infection and brain vasculature are helping to develop a more complete understanding of Alzheimer’s and identify new targets for intervention.

Read the full interview

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