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Alzheimer's Outlook Far From Bleak

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In an interview with the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA), Drs. Rudy Tanzi and Berislav Zlokovic of the Cure Alzheimer’s Research Consortium discuss why recent drug trials produced less-than-promising results, and why they are optimistic about the future of the field. Tanzi and Zlokovic also describe how their own research on topics like infection and brain vasculature are helping to develop a more complete understanding of Alzheimer’s and identify new targets for intervention.

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Air Pollution & Alzheimer's

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New findings from the lab of Caleb Finch, Ph.D., provide strong evidence for a causal link between Alzheimer’s disease and air pollution. Scientists have long suspected that small-particle air pollution, which comes from vehicle exhaust and other sources, might increase risk for the disease. Finch’s work, published in Nature on Tuesday, supports this theory with both epidemiological and toxicological evidence.

Finch and his colleagues studied the effects of air pollution in two ways. First, they analyzed health data from a cohort of over 3,600 elderly women across the United States over a period of 11 years, comparing dementia rates in areas with relatively more or less air pollution. Next, they looked for amyloid plaques – a hallmark of Alzheimer’s disease – in the brains of mice exposed to common air pollutants. Both studies indicated an increase in risk for dementia from exposure to high levels of small-particle air pollution.

Finch’s work was supported with a grant from Cure Alzheimer’s Fund.

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Read the full paper in Nature

Alzheimer's Research Seed Grants Sprout Funding

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Dr. Chuanhai Cao

What if brilliant cutting-edge Alzheimer’s research ideas had the funding needed to get off the ground?

This is the question the drives the Alzheimer’s research grants of The Coins for Alzheimer’s Research Trust (CART) Fund.

It turns out that once CART provides funding for a great idea to prove its potential, other funding sources for the next round of research are often available.

A 2014 CART grant was used by Dr. Chuanhai Cao, of the University of South Florida Health Byrd Alzheimer’s Research Institute (USF) to investigate a potential Alzheimer’s vaccine.  Cao’s research developed the CAO22W mutant peptide.  Alzamend Neuro Inc. has licensed this peptide and is launching a Regulation A+ Tier II SEC Qualified Offering to continue the research.

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