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In 1995, the vision that Rotarians could cure Alzheimer’s was shared by

Pictured R to L, CART Founder, Rotarian Roger Ackerman, Charlene Hall, RI Director 2014-2016 Robert Hall, Deane Ackerman
Photo by Josh Herbert

two Rotarians in Sumter, SC.  Their focus: offering innovative, cutting-edge Alzheimer’s research grants. Their funding: pocket change collection at weekly Rotary meetings. Coins for Alzheimer’s Research (CART) was born.

In 1997, D-7770 took on CART as a project.  Since then, additional districts have joined this simple effort to cure Alzheimer’s.

In May 2016, CART membership reached a new peak: 19 Districts.  An remarkable total of 34 grants valuing $5.8 M have been awarded through CART grants to date.

Congratulations to CART and its member Districts!  #CARTFUND #ImCuringAlz

Learn more about The Coins for Alzheimer’s Research Trust by watching  “Remembering No More: A Story of Change”